How will scoring be determined for each Tour event?

A standard Stableford scoring system (see below) will be used, applying full handicaps. All Tour events will be individual competitions, not team events. Each player in a Tour event will submit his/her USGA handicap index to the Commissioner one week prior to each event. If a player's handicap changes after this date, we will use the handicap submitted to the Commissioner, and NOT the new handicap. Each player must be able to verify this handicap to the Commissioner upon request.

The Commissioner will convert each USDA handicap index to a handicap number for each player on the particular course being played. At each Tour event, players will receive a scorecard containing his/her handicap, and the number of strokes on each hole that each player will deduct from their score. For example, if a player has a 15 handicap, her scorecard will contain marks on the 15 most difficult ranked holes on which she will deduct one stroke from her score. If a player has a 25 handicap, he will deduct two strokes on the 7 most difficult holes, and one stroke on the other 10 holes.

Each player will play each round in stroke-play. USGA Rules will be in effect. This means that no "gimme" putts will be permitted; no "mulligans" will be permitted; each player may have no more than 14 clubs in their bag; the ball will be played "down" (can’t touch it or move it without penalty unless specifically prescribed by rule), etc...

In case there is a question or dispute, the player will finish the round and may change their score depending on the final determination of the Commissioner.

The standard Stableford scoring system will be used for all Tour event scoring. Each player will receive a number of points per hole as follows:

  • Net Double Bogey or Higher - 0 points
  • Net Bogey - 1 point
  • Net Par - 2 points
  • Net Birdie - 3 points
  • Net Eagle - 4 points
  • Net Double Eagle - 5 points

The player with the most points will be the champion of each event. In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker will consist of comparing points on hole number 18. If the players tied on hole 18, the points on hole 17 will be compared, and so on until a winner is determined. A player's points will be recorded for each event, and a running total of each player’s points will be posted on the ABI Golf Tour website ( throughout the Tour season.